LEGO CMF Series 12 – $2.99 at Target!

I went out with my son tonight to find some LEGO CMF Series 12 blind bags, and hit the motherlode at Target.  After searching for 20 minutes or so, I think I put together a full set.  Best part?  The LEGO CMF Series 12 packs are only $2.99!  That’s 25% cheaper than Meijer, Toys R Us, and even LEGO Shop at Home.

LEGO CMF Series 12

Are you still collecting the CMFs?  What do you think of Series 12?

Double VIP points at LEGO Shop start today!

Don’t forget, you can get double VIP points an LEGO stores and at LEGO Shop at Home in the month of October.  I finally purchased the Palace Cinema.

LEGO Palace Cinema


It was between this and the Parisian Cafe, but I figured the Palace Cinema could be retiring next year.  I think it will have been out for 2 years in March.  Plenty of time for the other one!

Will you be taking advantage of double VIP points?

2015 LEGO sets – Rumored!

As you may have heard, they are a lot of rumors flying around regarding the 2015 LEGO sets. I’ve seen some lists, and there were some confidential images leaked, and the 2015 LEGO sets are looking great!

Here are my thoughts on what you can expect for the 2015 LEGO sets:

  • The Frozen Disney Princess set will be the must-have for my daughter.
  • There is another Creator 3-in-1 mini-modular set coming with a grocery and toy store.  I’m really liking this series.  It’s a perfect in-between series fitting nicely between traditional town facades and the big modulars we know and love.  And this one looks to have some sand green!
  • The new Elves theme really should be called Fairies.  It looks like a Friends spin off making use of the Friends minidolls.  It will be interesting to see what my daughter thinks of these…
  • It looks like the City theme will be getting a bunch of construction sets.  This is perfect for me as I was planning a construction site in my town layout!  The 2015 LEGO sets will include:
    • A truck with a porta-potty!
    • A bulldozer
    • A small construction site with dump truck, crane, and partially built building.
  • A Star Wars battlepack including stormtroopers!  Looks like a good way to build our Imperial forces.  Hopefully they will have the new printed legs!

Looks like a good amount of 2015 LEGO sets to be excited about.  What do you think?  What are you looking forward to next year from LEGO?

LEGO trains – Beautiful BNSF EMD SD40-2

Lately, I’ve been getting more and more into LEGO trains.  My goal is to put together a 10′ x 10′ LEGO town & train display.  I have a few LEGO trains in my collection, but one of my LEGO regrets is missing out on the BNSF.

Check out this LEGO BNSF made by bricksonwheels.

LEGO trains - EMD SD40-2 Lego 1:16It is absolutely stunning.  Perfect really.  But did you notice the scale?  LEGO trains are usually 6-wide.  Some builders like their LEGO trains to be 8-wide.  This bad boy looks to be closer to 24-wide!

Shooting the SD40-2

Impressive, huh?

Are you a LEGO train fan?  Which ones do you ave?

My LEGO MOC displayed at the LEGO store!

Now that the camping season is finally winding down here in Michigan, I should have more time to post about LEGO again!

My big LEGO news for the summer is that I got to display my own LEGO MOC in the brand ribbon at our local LEGO store for the month of July.

My LEGO DisplayIt’s a pretty simple model, but I used a lot of techniques I’ve never used before in one scene.  Here are some tings I was especially pleased with or proud of:

  • Building on an angle.  Way more challenging than I thought!
  • My largest brickscaping effort by far.
  • The water.
  • My brick built SNOT highway.
  • My trees.
  • The frame around my MOC

What do you think?  Pretty cool, huh?

How did you LEGO this summer?